Indian God

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Here is a man of India. He is praying to his god. His god cannot help him. This man must know about Jesus. Can you think of some ways to help him?

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    so wrong in so many ways


    Wow. Just…wow. I can’t count the ways this is offensive.

    Alec Dalek

    How can we help him? Well first of all, don’t tell him about Jesus. And second, that’s Buddha. Indian’s don’t bow to him. I’m not even sure Buddhists bow to Buddha. And they certainly don’t bring him offerings. But at least that is a Buddha statue. A lot of the time westerners get it wrong and think the bald, fat guy is Buddha. That’s someone else. Jebus I think.


    Wow. Just…wow. I can’t count the ways this is offensive.

    lol wut? if you’re offended then go to the link below:

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think they’re both Buddha. The fat one and the skinny one. But the fat one is cute so western chicks buy statues of him think they’re cool. Even though doing so is as insulting as this picture.
    The difference: they don’t care. Where as if that were Jebus up there and a Christian were praying wrong to him etc there would be tears and screaming and awareness would be raised with ribbons.


    how about we loan the dude some shoes? maybe buy him lunch or give him a wifebeater and an Ipod?


    Missionaries, there’s this book…here’s a link


    Jesus FTW!


    When your god is showing you how big their nuts are, you should lay down in homage.


    This is why Jesus is better:

    comment image

    You may lie face down too, but you keep your crotch clean.


    Wow that works in so many ways


    After carefully reviewing the link provided by Diabeetus I still believe that this link is offensive in multiple ways. At least now we know what Diabeetus needs to get off.


    Uh, yeah, what wookie said. Cynisism +10 after seeing that link.


    lick my balls

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    present them


    Whenever people ask why America’s (mostly) children are so messed up, this is one of the things I think of: Religious indoctrination before the kids can even form a sentence


    I don’t get how everybody ended up talking about “praying” and whatnot when, in this illustration, the guy is clearly trying to do pushups.

    He just has bad form. That’s all.


    No prayer, no push ups, this guy is drunk.


    Man, that “offended” link that diabeetus threw in was awesome. And brutal. Brutally awesome.

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