Heath Ledger Dead

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A New York Police Department spokesman said Tuesday that actor Heath Ledger has been found dead at a downtown Manhattan residence.

Police told The Associated Press that drugs may have been a factor.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told The Associated Press that Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the Manhattan apartment that is believed to be his home. A housekeeper went to let Ledger know the masseuse was there, and found him dead at 3:26 p.m, Browne said. Ledger’s roles included the suicidal son of Billy Bob Thornton in “Monster’s Ball” and he had starring roles in “A Knight’s Tale” and “The Patriot.” He was to appear as the Joker this year in “The Dark Knight,” a sequel to 2005’s “Batman Begins.”

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    37 Responses to Heath Ledger Dead

    1. i don’t want to be an ass, but i still want to see the dark knight. hope it’s still gonna be released.

    2. haha od on drugs. Natural selection at its best.

    3. Batman isn’t fucking around anymore, he is?

    4. Njch, he OD’d on sleeping pills, i don’t see what that has to do with natural selection

    5. Sad that he’s left behind a young daughter. Wonder if it was suicide.

    6. They haven’t done an autopsy yet! It could have been aliens! Maybe he’s with Elvis and Tupac now and will somehow make 12 more movies?

    7. njch412
      Can you do me a favour and post when your parents or loved ones die so we can all have a good laugh too?
      I mean the poor fucker has an accident and people are just aching to put their own closure on it with a bullshit answer.
      It’s sad. That’s it.

    8. Is it bad that my first concern is “what does this mean for batman sequels if their joker can’t come back?”

    9. Damn… didn’t even know he had problems that bad.


      Nothing makes me happier than when a celebrity dies! The only thing that’s sad about this is that so many people care about this useless asshole. I mean, what do actors do for society? He’s better off dead… let’s hope it’s an epidemic of celebrity suicides! I’m just disappointed Owen Wilson wasn’t successful when he tried to top himself! The world would have been a better place, but I suppose Heath Ledger is a start…

    11. im a horrible person (at least i and everyone i know thinks so) the second i heard of this the first thing that came to mind was
      “well, at least the movie is done being filmed…”

    12. # Ohnoez
      We have our priorities straight!

    13. Batman is finished so it should still be released.

    14. Actors entertain us. That is their purpose.

      If there is no entertainment in society, society will crumble.

      I’m not saying there’s not other forms of entertainment, but this is one that is heavily relied on, and has been since damn near the beginning of the civilized world.

    15. A. Have some respect for the deceased

      B. He was a method actor (an act that draws on past experiences).

      Try reliving all of the worst things focusing on the worst things you’ve done for every day for 4-5 months and see how you feel after that.

      Most actor that kill themselves die because they dig to far in to a bad memories and loss it.

    16. i don’t think it’s so bad that our first concern was about the movie, really people die everyday i’m not mourning them all, we didn’t really know the guy. but still it’s sad to learn about the death of a young man specially when he left a little girl.

    17. As i say it’s not a bad thing we are all crying about it. there is no reason to feel happy either, those kind of comments are really stupid, it only shows the envy and resentment of the people who post such comments.

    18. Envy of what, being miserable and depressed enough to kill myself? … maybe not. Resentment, maybe, there isn’t much I loathe more than Hollywood actors. I think everyone elses comments say just as much as mine… I mean, all you’re worried about are his movies, LOL! did you know him? Have you ever even met him?? and all this misery because you watched him in a film about gay cowboys? To be honest, I’d kill my self if I were him too xD

      @RSIxidor – speak for yourself, bud, he doesn’t entertain me. And if people’s lives are that miserable that they need to be entertained by some fake on screen, society’s more fucked than I thought it was.

    19. q-delta = green, carries club, lives under bridge, eats goats or at least won’t let them cross his bridge to go eat greener grass, has hair that you can comb into funny shapes, and a big nose. we must feed the troll answer his questions and his extreme positions prove that he is incompetent and that you are a better human for caring. attempt to change his opinion.

    20. Ah, craps. Another acceptable actor gone out.

    21. People die everyday. The dead leave behind loved ones. Because we elevate some people to celebrity status, does it make their death anymore important or less painful than say, someone from your family? I should hope not.
      Give condolences, grieve, then move on.

    22. I don’t mourn his loss like a relative but I’m not to happy about his death, either. I mean, he leaves a daughter behind. And if entertainment is something you can give to people, well he had a lot of talent for that. That’s what I’ll miss. He was a good actor, I enjoyed his movies.
      Still, I feel sorry for his family. Relatives killing themselves or dying from od isn’t the greatest thing that can happen to you.

      Is it ironic that he played the Joker in his last movie while his first TV appearance was in a TV series called “Clowning around”?

    23. you know, 9 million other people died yesterday….

    24. If you can name them, show us pictures and tell their stories then people will most likely say nice things and empathise with their relatives too.

    25. I think he stumbled across a re-run of ‘A Knights Tale’ on AMC.

    26. So I point out the stupidity of placing your own sense of closure on this by jumping to an easy conclusion and you…well you run with that idea?
      Show me something substantial that says suicide. Or read the various links about the sleeping pills he was taking that talk about other accidental deaths as a result of it.
      pre: what do actors do for society? What does anyone do really? You’d morn a doctor more? Seriously? You place more value on life by gaging what the person can do for you? Are you trying to win The Amazing Narcissist?

    27. Next year on Fox I will!

      @ q-delta: I didn’t say he entertained you! I said he entertains. I’m not even specifically saying he entertains me. He entertains people, someone at least. If people have bought access to his movies, then he has successfully entertained someone (maybe not with their first purchase, but with additional ones – if you don’t like him, don’t buy it again, etc.).

    28. Q-delta – I’m not usually one to comment on these giant star-fucking mediabomb kind of stories, but you really caught my eye. I feel worse for you than some dead actor. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, being such an insufferable prick and all. Must be quite lonely.

      I have no problem with you being an asshole. Hell, I’m quite an asshole myself. But you sound so bitter and angry. You’re aware that its not hollywood’s fault that you don’t have any friends, right?

      Probably just envy? Don’t worry, when you die I’m sure someone somewhere will be sorry. Maybe.

      Ok, now its time for you to tell everyone how great your life is and how many friends you have and fuck you anyway magnus and jeffapotimus ha ha i don’t care what you say blah blah. Or you could maybe criticize my grammar.

      Then you go have yourself a good cry. K, tiger?

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