Ron Paul

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Why is he wearing tennis shoes?

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    1. Once you get a bit older the bones in one’s extremities start feeling the age a bit more… so tennis shoes make great sense if you’re old enough for comfort to matter. Dr. Paul apparently cares about his comfort. Good for him.


    2. Poor crazy man sitting alone in a room… He has no friends. It’s sad, really.


    3. why is he wearing tennis shoes?
      Because he’s ‘running’ for president. ba da bum


    4. Because he’s completely bug-fuck insane?


    5. He looks like a man in a nursing home, dressed in his Sunday best, waiting for the guests to arrive for his 82nd birthday party.

      No one ever comes. But that’s okay because he gets all the cake to himself.


    6. Ron Paul will work tirelessly, as seen in his expression, to ensure that every America is as economically comfortable as his feet are in that picture. See that big, empty rooom? It’s empty because Ron Paul will ensure that politicians don’t waste American tax dollars on frills and luxuries.

      Ron Paul for President ’08


    7. Ron Paul would destroy this country.

      Doesnt matter though he’ll never be elected


    8. I like Ron Paul because I can distinguish his beliefs from the other candidates slightly, which makes him only 99% politician, though I still don’t care who wins.

      Hilary Clinton, a while ago, had an internet vote for what would be her official campaign song, and one of the options was “Get Ready” by the Temptations. I find that hilarious, because that song is so obviously about sex without actuall saying ‘let’s fuck’. Hilary is gonna try to make love to the American People. Ahem.

      I personally think she should have gove with ‘Sex Machine Pt. 2’ by James Brown. Not only is it significantly less sexual, but it’s also badass. I would actually bother filling out an absentee ballot if a candidate promised to replace ‘Hail to the Chief’ with ‘Sex Machine’.


    9. Where’s that confounded bridge?!


    10. Because he is running for President.


    11. if you look at the info, Ron Paul has ’em all beat to shit. he has 100,000 members in 1500 groups in 31 countries with 28,000 events held so far.
      the next closest is Huckabee with 14,000 members in 475 groups in 1 country with 1600 events.
      Obama has 4000 members in 76 groups in 5 countries with 800 events.
      Hillary has 1400 members in 50 groups in 3 countries with 250 events.
      Mitt Romney has 83 members in 10 groups in 1 country with 5 events.
      McCain has 170 members in 7 groups in 1 country with 10 events.
      Giuliani has 70 members in 7 groups in 1 country with 1 event.

      but of course Ron Pauls nuts, along with all the batshit crazy people who founded this country and the ideas they fought and died for.

      and oh yeah, it’s definitely only internet crazies who like Dr. Paul. they spend every second spamming every poll anywhere ever. and they dont vote. and they are all insane. and fucktards. and have no love for America. they only want to see it destroyed from the inside out.


    12. why is it that only if Ron Paul is not breaking Donation records, every word printed about him is bastardly?

      it’s not like he is trying to hurt america. he is trying to get it back to what the Founders envisioned when they fought to create it.


    13. he’ll get shot if he gets elected anyway.


    14. correction: he is trying to get it back to what he believes the Founders envisioned when they fought to create it.


    15. You know, I don’t know what you motherfuckers learned in school, but as far as I know, all the founders cared about was:

      1) No Kings/Nobility. Done and done.
      2) “Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute”. Which they never did anyway. Does anyone do the tribute thing anymore nowadays?
      3) Fuck the Royal Proclamation. I wanna kill as much injuns as I like!! Done and done.

      They didn’t invent Democracy, and they only cared about it so long as it allowed them to kill injuns. When they said ‘All Men are Created Equal” they meant ‘fuck any King who tells me not to kill injuns’. And ‘Republic’ meaning ‘representative democracy’ is a bit of cold war propaganda. To the Forefathers, ‘Republic’ meant ‘a state without Kings’. England was already a democracy, and for all intents and purposes the US system is moddled after England in the 1730s with a healthy does of Iroquois federalism (Ben Franklin you ironic bastard). And no fucking Kings.

      So I guess if you Americans are all so eager to get back to the values of killing every fucking injun you see, I’m going to briefly remind you they’re mainly all dead. No wild west anymore now it’s weight loss clinics in LA.


    16. Caio, you’re retarded. the Constitution had nothing to do with democracy. in a democracy, the 51% control the 49%. it’s called tyranny of the majority.

      The United States was formed as a Democratic Republic, which is a representative form of government with certain rights that are guaranteed to the citizens.

      also, the Constitution is a shield to protect a person against their government. the Founders wanted a localized government that put the power in the hands of the states and local governments.

      what we have now is a bullshit highly centralized oppressive government.

      it’s not about killing indians, of which there are MANY alive today.

      Ron Paul will give this massive government a good pruning, which is seriously what is needed. Kill the Cancer. elect Ron Paul.


    17. Ron Paul is right on most things. Just not the economy, race-relations, foreign relations, the military, and military intelligence. That’s not as harsh as it sounds, since most people get those wrong anyway.


    18. how utterly retarded post 21 is.

      fuck. i give up.


    19. “in a democracy, the 51% control the 49%. it’s called tyranny of the majority.”

      Nice Jefferson quote, but virtually every democracy has long sense switched to proportional representation, where larger electoral districts with multiple seats are formed, and seats in the legislature are devided based on approximate percentages of voters. It is more ideal under a parlimentary system, but it’s nearly ideal because it spreads the power over many parties, who are more able to to create subtle platforms more taylored to a wide variety of political beliefs.

      So, ‘tyrany by the majority’ really isn’t necissary, since methods of proportional representation are well-tested and provide for better democratic models. The only reason the US hasn’t adopted this is because the politicians – including Ron Paul – don’t give a shit about democracy, the people, or America. They just want their paychecks and something to talk about at the Country Club.

      Now, would you like to have a discussion about the forefathers? Because I can write fifty pages easily.


    20. in your fifty pages on the forefathers, will you spell words like “dIvided” and “necEssary” and “parliAmentary” correctly?

      also, will you make sense in it? i mean, what exactly are you trying to say?


    21. Terribly sorry, Oldcru. English isn’t my first language, so my first instinct is to spell ‘parliamentary’ as I would in my native tongue. I also capitalize the first letter in every sentence as is the custom in my native land.


    22. Oldcru, you also missed “tailored” “since” and the second “tyranny” so, no one’s perfect.


    23. frequently the way a word is said and the exact spelling don’t relate, but feel free to avoid criticism with sarcasm.

      also, when has perfect grammar mattered on the internet? having said that it could be argued that spelling doesn’t matter either, but that’s only when one is trying to shorten a word. spelling “divide” like “devide” is just plain stupidity.

      schulzbrianr, i hope you’re not equating missing another person’s errors with the actual errors. in fact, with that post, you’ve only proven my point.

      and caio, you responded to one criticism, but how about how your post doesn’t really make sense?

      where are you from, anyway?


    24. “i hope you’re not equating missing another person’s errors with the actual errors”

      Well, if you’re going to spellcheck something for someone, the least you could do is be thorough about it.


    25. My point was this:

      Nate had thrown some bland cliché from Jefferson at me, and I pointed out that most democracies had worked their way around the problem.

      I was born in Brazil, and I’ve lived in Portugal, which is a good example of a PR system. Quite beautiful in action, really. Don’t know why the English countries didn’t adapt it long ago, save indolence and corruption.


    26. well i don’t know for how long Britain’s had that kind of proportional representation, but if they didn’t adapt it “long ago” it’s because things take time to develop.

      the US couldn’t be that, because it can only work in smallish states like those of Europe. when a state has over 300 million people in it every group couldn’t possibly be represented. it’s the same reason we in the US don’t have pure democracy, it just wouldn’t work. we have a republic, which seems to work just fine for such a large country.


    27. Last I checked Caio is Canadian? What language is your first then? French?
      Here’s a tip for all that will help you look like smarty pants: download firefox and get the fucking spell check plugin.
      Now will someone please tell me why I’m seeing hate groups on facebook devoted to this guy calling him a racist and saying he advocates killing black people or something?
      And explain to me why you assholes still vote at all? Last I checked the democratic process is a guise to distract the masses with the illusion of free will. When was the last time you voted based on an idea and anything remotely close to it actually happened? Seems like you guys get all excited and feed the beast only to have said beast bite you on the balls afterwards every fucking time.
      I want to form my own country. I’ll take some shithole in between America and South America that no one really cares about and start a country where you pay 100 bucks a week to pay for the local hospital and thats it. Got a problem? Buy a gun. Wanna go to school? Pay someone to teach your kid. No taxes what so ever aside from the 100 bucks. I’ll call it 100. Who wants to live in 100?


    28. @magnus
      i’ll do something like that
      ‘cept mine will be 3 times as good

      it shall be called

      is this sparta?


    29. Oh my gosh, his feet hurt because he’s been standing a lot… He’s just a practical old guy and it shows! VOTE FOR RON PAUL!


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