Holocaust Memorial


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I think this is in Florida somewhere, but i am not sure.

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    1. Awesome, looks like the artist was trying to express the humanity of man(the various people?) being supressed by post-modernism(the serial number?)…or maybe im completely off base. any other ideas on what it represents?

      and natedog, do i know you?


    2. Why do they have to be terrifying? I’m yet to see one holocaust memorial that’s not like “AAARGH” and more like “Yeah. Holocaust. It was pretty shit. But we jews are a forward moving people, and we will not be held back by our hideous past”.


    3. @ slaki, i dont know if you know me. i know lots o people…


    4. meh, i know another “natedog” play css with em, so if you dont recognize me from the name then i guess its not you.


    5. well, i’m the coolest natedog ever. adn no, i’m not from compton.


    6. Yup that sure is the memorial. It is located in Miami. Slot of Jews there so it is conviniently placed.


    7. woot my hometown i love miami but i’ll never get why there are so many jews here.

      @slakinator, yes your kinda off based the memorial is suppose to signify the amount of people tortured and killed during the holocaust and the number is exactly what the nazi’s did to the jews to get rid of their names and just use them by their numbers. The numbers also helped categorize them to the nazi so that they knew who to execute and which to keep, i.e the old, sick, weak.


    8. ah, I failed to read the image title in all truth ~_~ but that does make alot more sense than my ramblings


    9. Wow that’s impressive.

      Though the artist states on that site he did it to commemorate 6 million dead Jewish people.

      The number hasn’t been 6 million in a long time. The plaque at Auschwitz even changed from saying 4 million to 1.5 and a lot weren’t Jewish. I’m not saying it wasn’t horrible but I think it tarnishes the severity and lesson when people embellish on the figures and forget all the other categories of people who were killed.

      I would think someone committing that much talent and time would keep current on everything related. Or at least post Nuremberg trials.


    10. 1.5 at Auschwitz maybe, six million Jews, and a minimum of eight million people, with upward estimates ranging to 11 million. I’ve never seen any legit publication say anything as low as 1.5 million. Or any publication that wasn’t this thread or Mel Brook’s dad, for that matter.

      What the fuck are you on about Magnus? Where do you get this?


    11. Oh, yeah, if I had seen this image without seeing the title, I would totally have thought, ‘Holocaust’. ferserius


    12. 1.1 – 1.6 million is the estimate for Auschwitz alone. 90% of those were Jews.
      magnus is right in the sense that estimates have been revised down recently. Early estimates were based largely on Soviet reports which were exaggerated.
      Still the lowest number for Jews killed in the Holocaust is 2.5 million, from actual records that were obtained from the camps. Realistic estimates are 4 to 5 million Jews were killed. 500,000 to 1 million others such as gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah’s witnesses.


    13. It makes sense to include that in Florida. I herd that around 750,000 died in the Miami camp alone. Honest to God it’s true. Read it on the Wikipedia.


    14. It’s pretty readily available info. 1.5 in Auschwitz alone yes.

      So no not a minimum of 8 or upwards of 11.

      Also the % of those who were Jewish has dropped too.

      The Nuremberg trials have some crazy ‘accounts’ that German soldiers were executed over that turned out to be false. Like the magic laser beam that killed a whole room, the electrocuted floor, or the Nazi soldier that ripped a Jewish baby in half. The fact that people were executed over those claims is insane (those were only a few that turned out to be blatant lies). I just don’t understand the mentality. I mean it’s bad enough. No need to bullshit. Cause then people start questioning the validity of the truth.

      See how well conditioned you are though? Not only is it law, it’s morally infused into you to never doubt any claim or comment about the holocaust and never actually think about it. Just agree that it was the most horrible thing in the history of the universe and hug your favorite Jew.

      Sorry for actually wanting to know more than I was spoon fed in the school system.


    15. Gee the Nazis gave them a number to remove the humanity from then. What about our Social Security Number. You can’t do anything at all legally and honestly without it anymore it seems. Can’t get a job, can’t get a loan, can’t get into school.


    16. Whoah whoah whoah Magnus, don’t tell me about conditioning: I used to be very sensitive about the holocaust as well.

      Let me tell you about my mother’s side of the family: My grandfather was from a weathly, aristocratic Polish family who, after WWI, ended up with most of their land on the wrong side of the German border. My Grandfather was a student in Warsaw, though, and when the Nazis invaded, he ended up in the fields. Eventually the Nazis threw him on a train, which he jumped off, and ran to Hungry, by foot. A friend told him that his family was gone, and to flee to Palestine. Soon after, my Grandfather got caught by a Nazi and ended up in Bergen-Belson for a year or so, that is after getting three gunshot wounds. He was a survivor, but to this day we still have no clue what happened to his family: Killed by the Nazis? Killed by the Russians? A couple corpses were found in mass graves in the 90s, but that still doesn’t account for most of them.

      So, yeah, I used to be a girly sensitive dickwad, saying ‘Not only Jews were sent in the concentration camps’ and ‘Who remembers the Gypsies, or the partitions of Poland or the massacres in China, or the Aztecs, other people than the Jews have been oppressed!!’ And I’d wave my fist in the air in no particular direction. Then one day I grew up and I realized: There’s no huge oppression contests going on. What the fuck? The Jew, the Pole, the Rastaman, the Chinee, we need to stop fighting and fussing amongst each other and turn against our common enemy: White Anglo-Saxons. Fuck you cracker.


    17. right on Caio ….. FUCK YOU WHITEY!!!


    18. i think you meant mel gibson, not mel brooks.

      anyway, let’s not forget the German workers who were opposed to Fascism. Communists, Socialists, Trade Unionists, and even Catholic Worker’s Party members were also sent to camps – in fact were the first residents at the labor camps. Nazism was a reaction to Communism, antisemitism was certainly there, but Hitler got elected on a wave of anti-communist sentiment more than anti-jewish sentiment.

      that said, 8 million for Hitler and 11 million for Stalin are generally accepted total figures for civilian deaths that were politically motivated (death figures outside of combat).


    19. 🙁

      I’m white Anglo-Saxon.

      PS: Whitey is the last type of person to piss off. We tend to go overboard with the killin and such.


    20. Also that’s a good story about your relation.

      My two grandfathers were nowhere near Europe or the Nazis. That is until they flew over and risked their lives to kill them.

      Which they were in no way obligated to do.

      That’s who should get the fucking memorials. The guys who could have said “solve your own fucking problems” but instead went over and did the right thing at as much risk as can be imagined. No padded figures or crying baby pictures for the guys who saved all the Jews etc that survived/were rescued. Most they get is a wall with their name etched in if anyone remembered them.


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