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shuttles in the mist
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African Monument
nazi aircraft over USA
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RetroN 3 Video Gaming System
Star Wars, Weapons!
Zombie Wound Stickers
Star Wars – Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 8-bit Teaser by Mauri Helme
Dog Walking can be fun
Discovery on Launch Pad 39A following the retraction of the rotating service structure.
Park Avenue Hotel Implosion – Detroit, MI – Filmed by DJI Phantom 2 Drone – Demolition
“Fancy Goldfish” Aquarium Set-up
Foot Clan
horse brings girlfriend hay and they share it
Mountain on fire in Tuscon, AZ
Won Park – The Master of Origami
Flying appa
USS Perception
kite surfing with humpback whale below by Michael Swaine
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Once Upon A Time In America
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