Ron Paul Will Save Us All


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    1. well at this moment even Pauly Shore would be better than Bush, but what’s so great about this guy? please explain.


    2. I can’t take anyone seriously who has the “Should’ve used Preparation H” look.


    3. who is he?

      who IS he!?

      Ron Paul is an American in the truest sense of the word. More than any Republican, and WAY more than any Democrat.

      Ron Paul voted against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan before you knew what war was.

      Ron Paul believes in your pure, unbridled freedoms as a citizen.

      Ron Paul 08


    4. vote ron paul so a man with two first names can be president. also because he looks old enough to shit his pants with dignity thanks to depends. also Geritol,
      Yes ron paul is the true original meaning of an american: an old white male property owner.
      fuck this crazy old rich anarchist dude. i’m bvoting for obama.
      magik negro 4 prez


    5. I have no idea what the big deal is about him. He didn’t support the war, so what? Lots of people didn’t. He supports the government being less involved, hooray. But he also doesn’t seem to give a shit about anything other than that. He doesn’t want stem cells or assault weapon bans or minimum wage raise or fair trade.

      Obama for me. His beliefs are closest to mine. Not to mention he’s cool in general. And as a bonus, he’s not ugly! Hooray.


    6. so basicly he’s the typical asshole that says fuck you while smiling and shaking your hand. at least he has the face for it.


    7. Heh… silly Americans…

      American democracy is a joke. You have the choice between Republican or Democrat.

      Coke or Pepsi.

      Choose your evil, because voting for anyone outside of your political franchises is vote down the pan.

      Democracy [Amer] – the choice between 1 of 2 political empires.


    8. Maybe 10-20 years ago. The guy is just too old to survive four years in one of the most demanding jobs in the world.


    9. RP is a republican who is more republican than the republicans. And that has them scared.

      There really is no significant difference between republicans and democrats they have all sold out to corporate interests and/or Israel.

      RP is the only one of the bunch who hasn’t done this. RP gets his support from the people, and this is who he represents. He is the ONLY one.

      …and on Obama. He sold out to Israel, just like the rest of ’em. He puts forth an image of change, but really, he is just like all the rest. Now if it was a choice between only him and Hillary, I would vote for Obama, but seriously, who wouldn’t?


    10. ohmybob: How would you like to see the IRS go bye-bye, cause Ron Paul would. If there is no income tax, what kind of “raise” would that be?


    11. @Rage 0

      Not much of a raise if you had to pay off your share of the national debt, before ditching the IRS…

      Oddly enough, this picture did make me do some reading on Ron Paul.

      He seems like a good guy. Is he a religious nutter like the other Republican candidates?


    12. The unfortunate truth in America is that you can’t be a serious political candidate and NOT be religious in one way or another. The difference between Ron Paul and all the other Republican candidates is he’s the only one who DOESN’T want to put his religion into policy.

      I also hate when people relate Libertarianism and Anarchism. There is a big difference between wanting the government to stay out of your life as much as possible, and wanting uncontrolled gang warfare. When you take away the position of the government as an impartial defender of individual rights then whoever has the most guns wins, and that’s not what Libertarianism is about.


    13. IRS disappearing. CIA and FBI disappearing. Public schools, public roads, etc., becoming corporate ventures with direct competition.

      No thanks. Not to mention anyone who honestly thinks there’s a “war on Christmas” is instantly excluded from possible candidates to vote for, in my mind.


    14. How can you be both Libertarian and Pro-Life? You want the government out of people’s lives, unless they’re doing something you don’t like?

      Does anyone see a serious lack of consistency here?


    15. I think Ron Paul gets unfairly criticized because, unlike other candidates, he actually has platforms and plans.
      What does Obama stand for? Can anyone tell me, because I read his whole website and it sure doesn’t say what he stand for there. It the same old “Strengthen America, help children and old people, think happy thoughts” boilerplate BS that every candidate says.
      I respect Ron Paul just for pointing out that there are deep and fundamental problems with our government that aren’t going to fixed just by creating some new committees and agencies.


    16. Yes, singularapathy, there really is a war on christmas. At least the Christ part anyhow. christmas is a secular holiday about shopping and consumption in Americaâ„¢.

      And deuce, you can be for individual liberties and pro-life. What about the liberties of the fetus? Anyhow, RP is for states rights and believes states should decide the states should decide the abortion issue for themselves… not the federal government.


    17. I’m a flaming liberal, at least that’s what I thought I was. Now that I have an income and possessions I’m more interested in not letting lazy assholes loot the fruits of my labor…. I like RP and will gladly toss a vote his way even though I know it won’t do him any good.



    18. @ ack
      yes true but should you just choose based off of the majority because otherwise your vote will mean nothing compared to the overwhelming votes of the two evil empires. individuals should vote based on who they think is the best whether they have a shot at winning or not. why are they both evil? are they eating babies and killing kittens or worshiping some god that must have the world as its sacrifice? who are they evil compared to, you? are you a saint of goodlyness or is your country defined as a good country? what are your comparisons and definitions for good and evil? can you please design a better government for us that alleviates suffering and brings about the most good otherwise you are not really contributing to a solution if you view it as a problem. here you have gonorrhea we decided not to give you antibiotics thanks for stopping by


    19. ron paul is an idiot. he is a treasonous idiot. he is the most un-American person in this election., if you vote for him you should be shot


    20. @oldurcu

      Ron Paul will lower taxes. Ron Paul will increase government spending. Ron Paul will pay off the deficit. Ron Paul will cut the money-wasting beaurocracy out of the system. Ron Paul will ensure the establishment of proportional election systems, putting the power in the hands of the voter. Ron Paul knows the yout has a lot to say. Ron Paul cannot blame da yout, because Ron Paul knows the yout can’t be fooled by an underfunded education system. Ron Paul lives every moment with a emotional, almost irrational antipathy towards taxation without representation. The Pauls will not become America’s royal family, they will become America’s faithful servants. Ron Paul will not put Whitey on the moon: Ron Paul will put food on your table. Ron Paul will not vote with his party, he will vote with his conscience. Ron Paul is every American. Ron Paul may have, untill recently, been obscure stateside, but he is, in fact, one of the most famous men on earth: He has long rulled China’s airwaves with hits such as ‘Airun’ and ‘He ri jun zai lai’; Ron Paul will use his diety-like influence to bring democracy to over a million people. Rob Paul was born ‘Ron Miller’, but changed his last name, because he always wants to be on a first name basis. Ron Paul does not wear designer suits but instead buys them from Wallmart like regular people, but Ron Paul still has style because Ron Paul knows the suit does not wera the man, but man wears the suit.

      Ron Paul for president, 2008.


    21. Ron Paul has “diety-like powers?” If I vote for him can he help get rid of this beer gut?


    22. Ron Paul once caught a fish this big and used it to feed and educate starving ghetto children.


    23. @asdf

      Don’t understand the gonorrhea part.

      And yes, I could design a better government. One that could balance it’s budget too. I imagine that many Americans could do the same. Its a pity the smart ones don’t get elected. Best of luck.


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