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    1. Go red team!!
      Jesus also loves the beige people, but they get crappier rooms in heaven.


    2. Too bad so many people are that stupid. NOT DEFENDING RELIGION!!!! There’s just so much evidence that proves evolution to be impossible.


    3. Oh, and what kind of list shows the winners at the bottom like this? Probably the way scientists do it or something stupid like that.
      Screw blue
      Red or dead
      I’m still working on a beige cheer.


    4. What evidence… PROVES evolution to be impossible?

      I’m intrigued.

      No banana arguments, please.


    5. wtf, are these comments serious? remove the jesus fish from your asses plox.


    6. AHH! Just America gets stupider and stupider in my
      eyes! Land of the free and home of the idiotic.


    7. Evolutions has been observed. Creation has not. Evolution for the win!


    8. Recurrent laryngeal nerve. Chromosome Number 2 in humans being fused. The type II and III secretory systems (as well as a few others) making up the flagellum. Pseudogenes. mRNA.

      Just a few of the billions of things that prove evolution, right there, Burgerz. What disproves it?

      You gonna say radiometric dating? The second law of thermodynamics? Irreducible complexity? Go ahead, hit me– I’ll respond to each and every thing you throw my way, even if you ‘shotgun debate’ me.


    9. Indeed evolution is true to some extent, however we did not come from single cells. The chances and and impossibility of that happening are so insane to believe. I’m with Tiki on this one, we’re not in a position to know. No ones side will ever be proven. But I think Creationism is more believable than evolution. And that’s saying a lot.


    10. Evolution does not exclude religion. It just so happens the majority of evolutionists exclude religion, and the majority of religions exclude evolution. Because of the evidence for evolution, and the very low odds of our existence happening by chance, I feel that we may have come from some single cell organism, but if we did, or not, we were compelled into existence by a higher intelligence.

      There is not enough proof, however, for me to believe one religion over the other. This has given me constant strain and often I’d rather just say “god can’t exist because I can’t prove him,” but at other times I say, “God can not be proven, because who am I to put limits on an unlimited being,” but then I remember without proof, how can I say he is unlimited?

      HEADACHES. That’s my religion.


    11. Burgerz, you can’t make the pie argument. It’s ridiculous and redundant. Using that same logic, we cannot know anything about the past. Plate tectonics? Phooey! The Persian Empire. FAKE!

      Think about it. When there is an abundance of evidence towards an answer, with absolutely NO evidence against it, it should be taken at face value. All it would take to disprove evolution is for a horse fossil to be found near a trilobite, but we’ve never found something like that. Wonder why.

      Using your ridiculous logic, it’s equally valid that unicorns exist as that they don’t, since we have no proof that they don’t exist. That’s blatantly untrue and a terrible fallacy.

      I gave you a list of several reasons that evolution simply must be true (it’s the only way to explain those things I aforementioned)– you’ve given nothing to the contrary that either refutes evolution or even makes your point seem valid.

      All you have to do to see that a deity couldn’t have done it is look at the concept of a “necessary being” and what its attributes would entail. Regardless, if you can show a mind existing without cells existing prior to that (as ‘design’ would deem necessary), if you can show a mind existing independently of a construct/brain (as the mind is to the brain as software is to a computer– you never see photoshop floating independently by itself), if you can show that complex can come before simple (though everywhere in nature the converse is true), then you have a point. If you can show one situation where time was not needed to make a decision (as having a deity would necessitate it being ‘above’ time in most definitions, ergo god wouldn’t have the time to create time), then you’ve got something.

      Show me what evidence you have. Anything.

      And… go!


    12. Also, you did mention that the odds of us coming from a single cell are ridiculous. You are forgetting the massive telescoping we’ve seen in the universe (from its creation ’til the creation of light matter, then heavy matter, then stars, then satellites, then planets, then life, and then the further integration thereof)– not to mention the sheer amount of time involved.

      You can’t make a numerical argument there– where are you pulling your numbers from? For all you know, the chances are that– in any given situation like this, it’s a 1-to-1 chance that life will come from unicellular organisms. You have a terrible misunderstanding of the ‘random’ nature of natural selection. Mutations may be random. Natural selection isn’t. Where is your probability arising from? What universe are you comparing this one to?


    13. I’m always disappointed when people say “The odds are just to great against so it couldn’t happen.” or”The chances of that happening are ridiculously small.”

      So? If the universe is infinite, as many suspect it is, than that means that even something that’s infinitely unlikely (ie infinity to 1 against) in an infinite universe is still infinitely possible.

      And I haven’t even started on infinite dimensions yet.


    14. @Silver: These are also the same trains of thought that make me question how I could possibly consider the possibility/non-possibility of a creator. I think the same way all over.


    15. I agree with Silver, Earth isnt the only place where life can exist. We’ve found another planet not too far away from our solar system that could support life (close in terms of the universe). I’d imagine there are thousands of other planets where evolution could occur and probably has. Will we ever see this? Never. But to say the odds single cells being created are impossible is ridiculous.


    16. But then you must also consider the odds that those single-cell organisms continue to evolve, and that a multi-cell organism becomes sentient, and so on and so on. The number of odds to consider are exponential, as are the odds that there is a number we are not considering. This is why I say some intelligent being said, “hmm, I think maybe this planet should have life,” or somehow compelled the life to take the course that it did.


    17. T G Geko says: Land of the free and home of the idiotic.

      Gives us carte blanche to bomb the shit out of your country because it’s “God’s Will.”


    18. Creationism doesn’t answer ANY question. You still have the basic problem of “if God created everything, then what created God?” If human life it too complex to exist without intelligent intervention then said intelligent being has to also been created by another intelligent being. Where does it end?


    19. I’m with reboot! He said what I came here to say!

      If you believe a magic man that lives in the sky suddenly appeared out of nowhere AND THEN created us, then how is that easier to believe than life evolving by chance from single celled organisms?

      I just asked my mother at thanksgiving who created god. All she could reply with was “in the beginning was god”. Uh huh…

      Here’s my theory about what happened:

      The universe began because nothing existed, and since for nothing to exist, there must also be existence to define non-existence. And when this first event happened, the universe split into every possible outcome of this event, and each subsequent universe also diverged at every possible event, either leading to infinite quantum instances, or disintegrating into a quantum singularity, producing the universal cycle of the big bang and the big crunch which has probably happened anywhere from once to a billion times already. Simple.


    20. Speaking as a teacher of science let me clear up a few misconceptions:

      1) NOTHING in science is proven. The evidence supports, but NEVER proves, a theory.

      2) Theory IS NOT equal to hypothesis. Terms may be used interchangeably by lay people (and even science educators) but to a scientist, they are not the same. A hypothesis is an educated guess (and is what most lay people mean when they use the term theory.) A theory is a predictive description of the world around us that is supported by a large enough amount of observations and experiments to be PROVISIONALLY accepted as true. New evidence and observations can change the theory.

      3) The Theory of Evolution Through Natural Selection has tons (literally!) of evidence in support of it. While there is debate about the EXACT workings of the mechanism, there is currently NO scientific debate about the validity of the theory.

      4) A basic rule of science is that SUPERNATURAL explanations are not allowed. This DOES NOT mean that they cannot be true or science says that god cannot exist, only that he cannot be used as an explanation.

      5) Having read much of the latest works on Intelligent Design, I can say with certainty that their arguments are based on misquotes, outdated science, half-truths and outright lies. The very bottom line for ID arguments is: “If you cannot explain EVERY doubt we raise, then your theory MUST be wrong and ours MUST be right.” That is not science nor is it logical.

      6) While CHANCE plays a role in creating mutations, NATURAL SELECTION is a sieve that sorts those mutations. Additionally, the rules of chemistry LIMIT how elements combine, which again limits the available number of proteins, etc.

      An example (albeit slightly incorrect in that natural selection has no defined endpoint to reach) is a program to generate random letters writing the Constitution. Without a filter, it is nearly impossible. With the constitution as a filter (keep letters that are in the right place and get rid of those that are not) the task is accomplished in a few minutes. If the rules of English spelling and syntax are used, a valid document could be reached (even if it is not the Constitution of the United States.)

      ID proponents argue as if there is a specific endpoint that must be reached. This is not necessarily the case. Given different conditions, or different mutations, different solutions could be reached. As an example, mollusks use hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin (copper instead of iron) as an oxygen transport.

      It is my opinion that the lack of support for the masses in this country is the result of a lack of understanding of the theory because it is often not taught or taught with misconceptions in schools while it is railed against in churches often utilizing:
      misconceptions: “We came from monkeys”
      misquotes: “God does not play dice with the universe.” (Einstein believed in god)
      outdated science: “There are no transition fossils.”
      Half-truths: “The fossil record does not contain smooth transitions.”
      Lies: “The eye is a complex structure that must have been designed. It either works or it doesn’t”

      In EVERY SINGLE CASE where the evidence is fairly considered (ie: court) the scientific basis of evolution has been upheld, the religious basis and agenda of ID has been exposed (even by highly conservative judges appointed by a conservative republican president) and laws have been struck down.

      If you want to debate the evidence then GO GET EDUCATED and leave your inane insults unspoken. If you want to discuss evolution, go learn what it says and look at the evidence. Leave your DOGMA at home and stop calling a skunk a kitten: it will still stink.


    21. I propose we put these opposing red and blue result colors on characters in a 3d video game, and let them fight each other until one side clearly wins over the other.

      I don’t think it’s been done before.


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