The GOP Bus


FYI… the Republican presidential candidates recently refused to hold a debate at a black university.

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    1. what’s a black university?


    2. A racist institution that promotes hate and attempts to lynch small back children

      First link has the news, 2nd has the pics.


    3. Not being American I’m not fully appraised of the Jena 6 situation (beyond ol wiki).

      My understanding is 6 black kids beat a white kid to death or into a coma or something and because they got tried and convicted the black community is outraged? They thought the punishment was too severe and was rooted in racism?

      Not taking either side and as an objective observer of racial politics in America does the black community not realize they’re trying to start a fight they’ll never win? I mean only 13% (rounding up) of America is black. Pretty much all politicians are old white guys. Most cops are white. Most lawyers. It seems inane. I’m not saying roll over but maybe pander to the collective intellect instead of whipping rocks at the proverbial angry elephant.

      Even sidling up nicely to the donkey will get ya kicked in the head.

      Sure there are blatantly stupid white people abound. So? There’s a lot of black people who commit crimes and smoke crack too. Don’t judge based on the backwash. Partner your best and brightest with your alleged opponents and work towards a compromise that benefits both.

      This all points back to my theory that all political bodies should be comprised of Nobel prize winners and scholars instead of lawyers and shifty ‘legitimate businessmen’. There is a solution. Unfortunately it seems this will be like everything else where you have to see it all go to hell and work backwards to figure out why before real change can be effected on the mass consciousness.


    4. “All Republicans are Racist”

      – From the Democrat Ministry of Truth


    5. I still don’t see how those links tell what a ‘black university’ is.. shouldn’t that tell what a racist university is? i’d guess the answer to my question would be a university comprised entirely of black coloured people, but the article never mentioned anything like that…


    6. Finally, iddqd ads wisdom to this thread. The GOPs omnipresent racism sickens me.
      I’m so happy that we all, iddqd especially, can agree that the Republican’s are evil.


    7. i lol’d at this thread.

      Black people bein dumb, white people reacting dumb, black people bein dumber in response, and a thread dissecting the theology behind it.

      The way I see it;

      If black people are acting like total fuckin’ re-tards then I blame the black people for it. If white people are acting like total fuckin’ re-tards then I blame the white people. And I agree, I’m racist for it. Why? Cuz racism is fuckin’ hi-larious.


    8. Since deuce didn’t provide the correct context,
      There was recently a Republican debate at Morgan State University. Four of the top candidates (Guilliani, McCain, Thompson, Romney) did not attend the debate, because of “scheduling conflicts”. The other candidates that did attend (and don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning) tried to imply that the other candidates were being racist by not attending.
      For the benefit of mAgnUS: some college and universities in the US are “historically black” institutions. This is not legally binding or enforced( i.e. anyone can attend the college, regardless of race), but its more of a matter of tradition; whatever that means.


    9. mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

      No, that’s a slanted account. What led to the assault on the white student was this.

      Some black kids on the high school (teenaged years) campus wanted to sit under a shade tree more commonly preferred by white students. The next day, several nooses were found hanging from limbs of the tree.

      Black history in the American southeast is unbelievably painful. The bigotry and ignorance that fed into slavery — and the US Civil War — are still very much present today, so much so that it’s not at all uncommon to hear white people refer to blacks, openly, as “niggers”, with full pejorative intent. Lynchings were common into the 1960s and possibly beyond, and the Ku Klux Klan is still quite active in many Southern communities.

      Therefore, the presence of nooses in a tree was egregiously provocative. Tensions mounted further, racism simmered, and eventually there were enough threats made against black students by whites that several of them decided they’d had enough.

      While that doesn’t excuse an attack by six on one, hopefully it puts it into context.

      It should be noted too that in recent protests in favor of freeing the “Jena 6”, a pair of white men were arrested after driving around outside one protest area with nooses trailing behind their pickup truck. The charges included inciting to riot.

      While the attack on the student was certainly terrible, the provocation endured by black students is far deeper than just a few taunts. The nooses in the tree alone were not simply oblique death threats, but deliberately insulting and offensive on an almost incomprehensible level to the black kids at which they were targeted.

      Long and short: Yes, we will always have stupidity and oppression, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should tolerate it. The best response to stupidity is to expose it, mock it, and shame it into the respectful silence it should have when those who bear that stupidity are in the presence of their betters.


    10. L_Tetris_Block,

      I was being sarcastic.

      You’re obviously some high school dropout who doesn’t know anything about George Orwell’s 1984.

      Point said, I’m not going to defend the top Republican candidates for skipping these forums. However, some Republican presidential candidates, such as Ron Paul, attended all of the minority-held forums that were offered.

      However, it doesn’t change the fact that I still fucking hate Democrats who complain relentlessly while taking it in the ass.


    11. Iddq, wtf @ 1984? And why did you become so political this month?

      newai, whites beat the shit out of and kill blacks all the time. In some states, nigger-beating is a sport. You have large organizations such as the KKK which exist in large numbers and are dedicated to beating up and intimidating blacks, and paying to keep white offenders out of court. And the majority of black crime is black-on-black. But when a white guy gets killed or beat by a black guy OMFG CRIME OF THE CENTURY. If six white kids beat a black kid to death, the cops would barely bother with the paperwork, much less press charges.

      You Americans make me sick.


    12. Caio, do you even live in America you fucktard? If six white kids beat up a black kid almost to death, then the cops would be all over their ass, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be raping those white kids to shreads, and America would look down upon this henious act.

      It’s people like you who spread lies and deceit that make me sick.


    13. Almost to death, yes, but wasn’t the kid only admitted to the hospital briefly to treat external injuries and then released on the same day?


    14. Caio shut the fuck up. You obviously dont know shit about america. If whites beat blacks all the time, it would be alll over the news. Occasionally you get a black beligerent criminal who says something stupid to a cop on a bad day and he gets his ass beat. But to say that happens all the time is ludicrous.

      Are you serious, the KKK? The NAACP has exponentially higher members than the Klan does. Hell there are probably more fucking Black Panthers than there are Klansmen. I hate the Klan and everything they stand for but I’m not about to let a foreigner meddle in American affairs when you dont know jack-fucking shit what you are talking about……Fuck….

      And Tylenol is correct, the student was released that day. But I have been in fits before where I thought I was going to get killed by a group of people, scrapped my way through the fit and only wound up with minor injuries. Im sure the “Jenna 6” had more intentions than just roughing the kid up.


    15. Jesus warren it sounds like you find the actions justified?

      Taunting does not justify a gang beating. No way. Because that would only escalate things and as I pointed out that’s a very silly battle to get into.

      What did the teachers do when the students reported the ropes in the tree?

      I would have advised the black community to apologize for ever second guessing the verdict. Now that’s going to just drag on and on. Jena 6 = Lemon tree (shiny nickel for whoever puts that one together).

      All over sitting under a tree for shade? Here’s an idea…why don’t the schools have programs in place to deal with racial tension?


    16. I don’t support either side but the Republicans have done much better than Democrats throughout history.


    17. WTFBURGERZ… you are obviously referring to Abraham Lincoln.

      iddqd… I always think it’s funny when Republicans bring up 1984 when they have shit going on like “The Patriot Act” and “The Clean Air Act”.

      Why don’t you get back to us after you’re done deporting those 12 million spics you guys hate so much, and then we’ll continue the racism conversation.


    18. Yes, those 12 million illegals are overcrowding our school system, bringing in deadly diseases like TB, contributing to rise in crime rate, sucking our taxdollars through welfare, social security fraud, urban depression, pumping money to Mexico instead of the US, evading paying the tax, did I mention overcrowding? They’re also attempting to seize control of America by forcing everybody to learn Spanish.

      They broke the fucking law when those illegals came into our country. natakamus, if you like those illegals so much, why don’t you move to Mexico dipshit?


    19. iddqd… I rest my case. It was dipshits like you in the 19th century that thought the only good African American was a slave.

      Your tax argument is full of shit. McDonalds alone pays over $1billion a year in payroll taxes to fraudulent Social Security #’s. This money is kept by the government. Illegals pay all kinds of taxes but don’t get any direct government welfare from it (i.e. social security or medicare). That’s when social security fraud is being committed. When it’s not being committed, then the people breaking the law are the greedy capitalists that are hiring cheap illegal labor under the table. It’s just like a fucking Republican to blame the guy making $1/hr instead of the capitalist fuckers that are hiring him.

      And yeah, a lot of people in this country speak Spanish. Guess what? There are a lot of languages in this world, and most people can speak multiple languages (except us Americans who only speak American). I’m sorry you’re so inconvenienced by having to press “1” for English.

      You do have valid points about crime rate and urban depression… as I see it, the best way to fix that problem is to integrate illegals into society. Either that or round them up into concentration camps and try to deport them. When that gets to be too much of a hassle, we can start gassing them too.

      Hey, I love America. I think this is a great place. I think it’s so great that I don’t even have a problem with you living here. Adios.


    20. “Yes, those 12 million illegals are overcrowding our school system, bringing in deadly diseases like TB, contributing to rise in crime rate, sucking our taxdollars through welfare, social security fraud, urban depression…”

      iddqd… Wake up, American citizens have been doing these things for hundreds of years. Parents having too many kids will do that, The TB rate coming from Mexico is NOTHING compared to the alarming rates of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus), American welfare recipients don’t require drug tests, Americans are far more likely to commit violent crimes than immigrant Mexicans (

      Yeah, it’s a problem with certain types of workers not getting labor-oriented jobs, and corn-fed obese southwest moms bitching their kids can’t get jobs because “The mexicans stole them,” but if you strive to be a laborer the rest of your life, you have no right to bitch. GET AN EDUCATION, and stop crying if employers hire workers who work just as hard for much less money. It’s naerly identical as American corporations having overseas productions to reduce the cost of labor. Shit, if I were a contractor in the Southwest, and I had a bunch of asshole lazy employees who drink on the job and come in late and hungover, I’d hire Mexicans, too.


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