Homework First – Video Game Lock For Nintendo NES


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    Mother of God.

    And I viewed it 9 days before it was posted.


    I was lucky, Dad put a keyed switch in my old Amiga 500 power supply that he would unlock when I ‘deserved’ some play time. But I had a jumper wire with alligator clips and would jump the lock whenever I felt like it.

    However, this might be easier. An afternoon of trying numbers in succession will crack this lock in no time. Christ, I hope my kids aren’t as smart as I was when I was young. Or maybe smart, just give me the strength to stay ahead.


    Or roll over all of the digits to 0000 and attempt to reset the code.


    Or if you start taking the console apart, you could find a way to shimmy the lock off, or bypass the lock altogether.


    They make those things only in a form where it locks the power supply into the wall, and then has a programmable button with a combination to reroute the electricity to the box or not.

    THAT’S soem sheet.

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