Ninja motivational poster.


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    I think I found one – he’s behind the la–*GACK*


    I found 5! ^_^


    3 of those ninjas are the same ninja


    A wise man once told me – for every ninja you don’t see, there are three more ninjas you don’t see either. The math gets kind of wonky after a while, until you’re always surrounded by ninjas.


    lol Aces.. I love that quote. 😀


    iono wtf yall are tlaking about, i see no damn ninjas!! i’ve been looking for awhile and still see nothing!


    That’s the whole joke Vodka, you can’t see Ninjas because they’re Ninjas! Duh.


    Ironic thing is that there are no ninjas in that picture. There were 3 when the photographer started to press the button but the shutter hadn’t even opened before all his family was dead and the ninjas were stalking his friends. This picture is actually a gruesome reminder of what ninjas will do if you try to capture their souls.


    “if you can see a ninja… then he is not a ninja.”

    that is why you can spend hours, days, even years looking at that picture. and never find them. cause they aint there cause your not suposta see it dugh.


    Ninjas can see ninjas.


    My favorite appearance of ninjas in comics was the ninja army fighting the Tick in issues 1-3. A hundred ninjas are standing in a shoulder-to-shoulder line around a house they are protecting, holding twigs in front of their faces. The Tick almost stumbles right into them because he thinks they are a hedge. The wife of the guy in the mansion looks out the window and also wonders why they now have a hedge when before they didn’t.


    there are 25 pirates as well, but they don’t brag about the fact that no one can see them 🙂


    They can’t brag, they’re dead.


    that’s a mobile home in Alabama.


    why are there ninjas in Alabama?


    I smell a spinoff a brewin’ :
    Redneck Ninjas


    egnilk66 on June 27th, 2007 5:04 pm

    that’s a mobile home in Alabama.

    Actually, it appears to be a manufactured home. I was an electrician at a Manufactured Housing plant and have been in a few different brands and they all, for the most part, use the same design.

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