Super Blimp


Is it real or just science fiction photoshoppery?

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    beep beep

    It is real! It is a Lockheed Martin P-791 prototype. Lockheed Martin is trying to make a high-altitude blimp so the govt. is able to spy on…everyone? Here is an informative link:


    Not sure whether it’s real or not, but Lockheed Martin used to develop stuff for the government (lots of classified stuff, so I wouldn’t know. :P). They recently (Well, a few years ago) sold off quite a few of their companies because they wanted the company to go in a different direction.

    Oh, and I see TCOM on there, too, which appears to be a company that develops surveillance-related things. Their website is here:

    Also, on the tail wing there, it has the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks logo with ADP…
    “Advanced Development Programs (ADP, Skunk Works®) is responsible for the integrated “front-end” development of new and innovative technologies, new product and derivative programs in support of Air Power as well as the integration of air and space assets.

    With a passion for invention, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has been synonymous with record-breaking aircraft, stealth, lift fan technology, and other cutting-edge innovations for the past 60 years.”

    I say, if they can invent the stealth bomber and the lift fan, they can stick a few blimps together.


    It’s real – currently a one-off prototype. Article here.

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