Smoking Is Cool, Right!

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    1. But everyone who I would hate anyway tells me smoking is bad, and all the icons I love (Bill Hicks, Dylan Moran, etc) who I would love even if I didn’t smoke, all smoke. So no it doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a target for self-righteous toss pots who feel they have a right to wag their finger at you with an air petty superiority. Remember Demolition Man…that movie is so going to come true.


    2. I’m with Stalwart on this one 100%


    3. Fine. Just don’t ask me to cover your hospital bills, support your health insurance, etc anymore.


    4. On the bright side… your lungs will survive a nuclear explosion…


    5. I have private health insurance you prole…

      Man, some nonsmokers are like kids in the playground aren’t they, ‘nah, nah, nah, I don’t smoke, I’m gonna live forever, youooo smoke, you’re dead tomorrow…I’m telling teacher’

      And if walk five meters away from you to have my cig, you’ll get as much toxic fumes from my cig, as from the next car driving past.


    6. Stalwart is my new hero.

      Fuck, I don’t smoke around other people, especially kids. I’m in Canada paying $6 taxes on a pack, so even if I didn’t have private health insurance, I’m still paying a fuckload more taxes than other people.

      My smoking hurts no one but myself and the other smokers I smoke around, and yet I’ve got to hear people bitch me out fucking constantly.

      Smokers are one of the few people you’re allowed to attack (with Mexicans and East Indians). Some 300lb (and I assume unhealthy) chick sat next to me on the plane all the way from Australia to Vancouver recently, spilling out onto my seat and constantly reaching over me with her fat arm. Why can she be fat on a plane? Would I ever be allowed to complain about her unhealthy and annoying lifestyle?


    7. “My smoking hurts no one but myself and the other smokers I smoke around, and yet I’ve got to hear people bitch me out fucking constantly.”

      Hey Caio, do you know what pisses me off? Smokers who light up outside and think “I’m smoking outside, so my smoke magically disappears into the air”. I can’t count the number of times I’ll be walking behind a smoker on the sidewalk, and EVERY breath I take is full of that person’s cloud of exhale that fills the air around them. Do you know what I do? I usually hang back until they’re well ahead of me or cross the street. I don’t complain… not until I hear smokers complain about how they don’t bother anybody. When I go to a bar I know I’m going to breath smoke, and when I hang out with my friends on their smoke breaks, I know I’m going to breath smoke. I can deal with that. I don’t think there should be universal no-smoking laws for restaurants and things like that, but please, PLEASE, don’t pretend that your smoke doesn’t bother ANYBODY.

      I think it’s hilarious when I see parents smoking while they’re walking around with their children. I always see one of two things: Either the parent is holding their kid in their arms, exhaling in the kids face, or their holding their kids hand, holding a smoldering butt in front of the kids face. As soon as I see people like that have consideration not just for strangers but for THEIR OWN KIDS…

      Oh, also, I find nothing wrong with complaining about fat people on airplanes either.


    8. Hold on natakamus, let me get something straight:

      “When I go to a bar I know I’m going to breath smoke, and when I hang out with my friends on their smoke breaks, I know I’m going to breath smoke. I can deal with that.”


      “o you know what I do? I usually hang back until they’re well ahead of me or cross the street.”

      Why is the latter scenario any different than going to a bar, in fact, the bar scenario is far worse!

      And I agree about those parents. Douchebags. I’m not saying it’s wrong for people to ask me to smoke in a designated place, but like I said before, have some perspective, from a good distance, you’re getting as many toxic chemicals from all the cars driving past you.

      And it’s a pity it’s that second hand smoke that smells so bad, because the shit we’re sucking up is delicious…steak and potatoes, I’m smoking right now, tastes like lamb in mint sauce…pity you don’t smoke.


    9. Oh and Caio, good point about the high taxes on cigarettes!!! ‘Oh, we don’t want to fund you’re treatment in 20 years time,’ generic non-smoker comment. Don’t worry…you’re not.


    10. Natakamus, you are an ignorant cunt. I smoke in my apartment, a smoking building advertised as such. I smoke in the alley behind my work, which is deserted except on trash day. I used to smoke in the smoking café with big smoking signs that IDed minors, till it was closed down by the government. Can’t smoke in bars in this city. That’s it.

      I make a careful effort not to smoke on busy streets and such, for the same reason I don’t go up to strangers and yell in their ears. Its fucking rude, I agree. And I’m willing to bet most smokers feel the same. It’s the ostentatious assholes who who feel they can fucking impose themselves on others at any given occasion. But that has less to do with tobacco than with a serious personality defect that’s found amongst smokers and non-smokers alike.


    11. I usualy smoke in the maternity ward at the hospital, you know, where they put all the little newborn babies? that’s the best place to unstress, listening to the cries of dozens of screaming infants.

      Think about it; most of us smoke because it’s calming, it soothes us. It does me anyways, so why would we take that to a crowded city street?


    12. Hey Caio, good for you for smoking where only other smokers are. I’m sorry you can’t smoke in bars, too. I’m a libertarian that believes the government should butt out (no pun intended) of everybody’s business.

      When I go to a bar, I expect to smell smoke. It bothers me, but what am I supposed to do about it? I love to go to bars. I’ll sit at the same table as a smoker and talk all night, even if the smoke bothers me. When I’m walking down the street, I’m usually going from point A to point B. Not a lot of options there that don’t take you out of your way.

      Anyway, I agree that anti-smoking laws are getting out of hand, but it still bugs me when smokers complain that they don’t bother anybody.


    13. Call the fucking waaaaahmbulance. I’m a smoker! I get discriminated against! I’m not hurting anybody!

      Good for you if you segregate yourself. But I do pay for you. I have insurance through my employer as well, and my fees are higher to help pay the costs of the smokers. My private life insurance is as well (yes. smokers pay more, but they pay less than the odds should make them) Smokers not only are more likely to be less healthy than nonsmokers, but they spend more time in the hospital than nonsmokers on average, it takes longer for their wounds to heal, longer to recover from surgery, more back pain, more missed work days, etc. And I have to pay more for my insurance to cover their addicted asses! Just because they don’t have the willpower to quit (admittedly, it isn’t easy).

      I live in Kentucky and work at a university’s hospital’s cancer center (research wing, not patient). I occasionally see someone smoking through their neckhole because they can’t give up the smoke. ‘No smoking’ signs in the courtyards are used to lean against while smoking. A nice medical campus is covered in butts. The city bought a machine to clean the butts off the streets and sidewalks, it is so bad. You can’t walk between cancer center buildings without breathing in smoke. We kick high risk preggers out of the maternity ward if they go for a smoke because of the risk they put themselves at (and their unborn whelps). Even the docs and nurses go outside for a smoke because they can’t kick the habit.

      I grew tobacco as a way to put myself through college. I have had more nicotine in my system from contact with the leaves than any of you have ever had at any one time (and was sick as hell). We call it green tobacco sickness. And I want nothing to do with it ever again.

      Hell. Anti-smoking laws aren’t strong enough here. I have to pay for addicts who can’t quit, and when they do get sick (or their family members), I have to watch them continue to be exposed to what put them in the hospital in the first place. The only way to effect change in public health is to legislate it. Tax cigs until people can’t afford to smoke, and get them out of the bars, offices, workplaces until they get the message.

      Quit smoking, and you can be part of society again.

      In the mean time, enjoy throwing away your money.


    14. robster:

      I love that line of thought. If people won’t take care of themselves you have to force them to. When something is outlawed it doesn’t get rid of it, it just leads to more crime. Follow that line of reasoning to it’s final end and more or less everything will become a crime.

      And remember, you aren’t forced to buy heath insurace, you choose to.


    15. It is what drives public health policy. Why do you think cruise ships have life boats? They are required to.

      The slippery slope argument may work with some people, but it is just utter bullshit. Yes, some people will smuggle smokes, but if fewer people start smoking, demand will drop, and there won’t be profit for smugglers.

      Taxing doesn’t make it illegal, just more expensive.

      I’m all for legalizing and taxing illegal drugs. It would be stupid to keep letting the drugs win the “war.” Regulate them, discourage their use, tax them, and encourage people to quit using with effective programs.

      Nobody wants to ban unprotected sex, but if you knowingly spread an STD, you are endangering others, and can be prosecuted for it.

      Don’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet? Guess what, you can either wear it, or if you don’t, pay extra fines and if you are in an accident, you are 10 times more likely to die.

      Want to skip vaccination? OK, but it puts you and those around you at higher risk of getting serious infections. That risk to others can keep your kids out of public schools as it makes it easier for disease to spread (vaccines don’t always take, depending on the vaccine, it can vary, and some wear off with time).

      Want to drink? Fine, but don’t drive. If you drive drunk, you increase your risk of ending up as bugbutter, but put others at risk as well.

      Want polyunsaturated fat fried food? OK, but you can’t get it in restaurants anymore, so you can do it at home. Other blends of safer oils taste just as good, and only raise the cost of production by a tiny amount per box of fries.

      Want to smoke? Fine. But expect to pay taxes and have to go outside to pollute your lungs and the air around you. If people actually had to pay the real costs of insurance for smoking, a lot fewer people would.

      Walk around the outside of a cancer center sometime. People sitting outside in hospital robes, with IV drips, vital signs monitors, panic buttons, drainage catheters and bags, and cigarettes. Why? Because they got addicted and can’t kick the habit.

      And I could opt out of my health insurance (offered as an employment benefit at a reduced price (would be free if I wasn’t subsidizing addicts)), but that would just be stupid. Almost as stupid as smoking.


    16. If you’ve ever witnessed someone collapse becasue their lungs gave out, sure you might say “sucks to be them” but when it happens to you, good luck with that. I’m sure the comfort of having health insurance will make your lungs aaaalllll better.


    17. Robster, you’re like the anti-smoking Travis Bickle.


    18. I’m in Canada too. 75% of the money spent per person on average is spent on them in the last year of their life. 20% in the last 5 years prior to that year. If smoking kills you so much quicker you should be thanking us for saving you money.

      Besides obesity is WAY worse for you than smoking. And you’re gonna die no matter what. So you quit smoking and make it to 85 instead of 84. And you fall on some ice and you get to lie there and see if the cold gets you before you starve to death on your own walkway cause you’re such a burden your kids only visit you on holidays and it’s January 2nd.

      Yeah I’ve seen the people in the gowns and IV drips smoking. It’s a real downer. Not as bad as the people who lived a healthy lifestyle and got a disease anyway.

      You can’t bring order to chaos and fear mongering in the interest of your own self righteousness is gay. Balls to butt gay.

      Also if you think any government would give money back if an entire country stopped smoking and this miraculous cure for death started saving millions you’re just a lost motherfucking cause.


    19. Oh and lets not forget that the next world crisis isnt going to be a cnacer epedemic, or global warming, or sars or avian flu or any other such stupid bullshit. The next world chrisis is overpopulation. Free health insurance? counterproductive. Anti smoking legislation? counter productive. Pro Lifers? ought to be shot on site. I just want to enjoy my life while I have it as is my due. Once my number is up I will go quietly.


    20. and before someone rips me apart for it I dont actualy think all pro lifers should be shot on sight, I belive the term is “hyperbole”


    21. Well, robster, looks like you really followed my idea about having some perspective, and not just going off half-cocked on some self-righteous rant…but tell me, what do you get out of all your belly-aching?


    22. My employer has been smoking for 40 years and has just recently quit. Personally, I don’t trust normal statisical facts. Simply because they don’t integrate other lifestyle aspects into the raw numbers. How many french fries did those people in the lung cancer ward also indulge in? What was their cholesterol?

      I’m sorry, for you robster, everything must be simple, since the verbosity of your posts seem to indicate a knowledge of absolute truths, but I happen to know what I’m doing, what a crazy concept, knowing what I’m doing and not wanting someone else to tell me I don’t…almost seems like the basis of democracy…


    23. Magnus, have a problem with teh gay? How grade school.

      Who said anything about curing death? Yes, obesity is bad, but this is about smoking.

      Stalwart, I get a klondike bar. And here, with the anonymity of the interbutt, I can be as much of an ass as I like, and I don’t get to do that with patients or students at work.

      I’m gald for your employer. Good luck to you as well. Just think how much more money you’ll have if you just cut your smoking in half.

      And those darn statistics. Who are those researchers to gether data and use math, anyway?

      Part of being in a democratic society is that you have a social contract with said society. I feel that a commitment to public health is part of that contract. To do otherwise is simply irresponsible.


    24. I signed no contract, and if that means I’m out of society, fine, take me away. Just make sure my padded cell is in the smoking section please.
      Statistics can be scewed to prove anything. Also, correlation does not equal causation. While it interesting that people who smoke often develop lung cancer, there is no direct proof that smoking causes lung cancer. I’m not burying my head in the sand, I’m not denying that it is likely the case, but my ex mother in law has chain smoked for probably 45 years, no lung cancer and she has a resting heart rate of about 40. She eats healthy and goes for a nice long walk every morning.

      All I ask from you people is to stop harrasing me, I dont go around craming cigarettes down peoples throughts encouraging them to smoke, I dont smoke in public, I make my own decisions about my own life and thats all I want from anyone.

      How come no one respects that?


    25. Dr Robster.

      Dr Robster to the elitist prick ward for an emergency ego transfusion.

      Dr Robster.

      I like how you pepper your diatribe with little wee wee humour to try and make it seem like anything other than the posturing of a half wit backed into a corner.

      Here’s one for the old noodle you clod, the people bitching about smoking are more often than not guilty of other vices like obesity. Maybe that’s why it was brought up? Because it’s a much worse problem but you can’t go around pointing fingers because of the social stigma. Poor fatty can’t help it but that fucking smoker over there should be lynched. Well fatty makes up way more of a percentage of the population and being a fatty is way worse. So turn that hand around and fix yourself before you try and heal the world.

      Who are the researchers? Every single PHD who didn’t go on to med school. What do you think those people do with their educations? They go in research. Jackass.

      Just think how much money the average waddler would save if they ate half as much?

      Lastly, why do people leap up onto their high horses about calling someone gay and meaning it as an insult now. I don’t have a problems with fairies but in case you just got out of your cryogenic chamber fruits have a pretty good sense of humour about themselves and love them for it. You don’t need to get all sensitive for them just because you don’t really have an argument here other than to barf up all the bullshit media you’ve been force fed.

      The bullshit media funded by tax relief “charities”.

      I don’t endorse chain smoking though. Anything in excess becomes a crutch rather than luxury.

      But if someone wants to have a cigarette to calm their nerves I certainly don’t see any problem with it.


    26. While it interesting that people who smoke often develop lung cancer, there is no direct proof that smoking causes lung cancer.

      A complete and utter lie. Even the tobacco companies don’t clam that anymore. Search Pubmed.

      Smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer. Not all smokers get lung cancer, but all the lungs of smokers look like those in the image. Not all nonsmokers avoid lung cancer. But they are more likely to,

      And if you need a smoke to calm your nerves, it is a crutch.

      Saying, “but you are fat,” is a cop out. Show some responsability.

      Have a great day.


    27. I didn’t say you were fat. I am now though lardass.

      btw: it’s not a complete and utter lie you jackass. By definition it’s not a fact because while A + B maybe often = C they can’t prove cause and effect. They can’t say this cancer was caused by this chemical from these cigarettes. Get it? Search my taint you blowhard.

      Smoking to calm your nerves isn’t a crutch. I think you need to read more fella. A crutch is something you need to get by. There are people who can be casual users (see casual alcohol consumption) without becoming froth faced addicts. I don’t smoke a cigarette every day. Hell sometimes I won’t have one for weeks or months. If I feel like having one though I don’t need some bloated windbag judging me for it.

      I’m sure you have your own vices, they’re just probably not publicly permissible to attack you for. I hope that some day it will be okay to make jokes about fat people and not get shit on for it because I have a million of them.

      So fuck you fatty. I’ll smoke when I want and you should be thankful I don’t butt it out on your stretched out man tits.


    28. Who loves the French?? In France it’s illegal not to smoke.


    29. Haha, I love continental Europe. In Portugal they even let you smoke in museums, city hall, pretty much everywhere. I didn’t see a single place where there weren’t tons of people smoking. I had a smoke on the king’s fucking balcony.


    30. robster:

      ‘And those darn statistics. Who are those researchers to gether data and use math, anyway?’

      People who are seeking to model reality using quantified structures that can be used to deduce causes and predict outcomes within acceptable limits of error and probability.

      Are you one of them? Because I wasn’t disputing that I’m putting myself at risk. Merely pointing out that my lifestyle is actually quite healthy apart from my smoking. My levels of exercise are good. I work a job that requires lots of walking around. I eat very healthy food and am not overweight. So, having an undergraduate level understanding of statistics, I know that what is represented in the news, are statistics that cover every smoker, including the lard asses who don’t exercise. So whilst I am putting myself at risk of being, as you say (and are incorrect for asserting), ‘a burden on the health system’. I’m sure you’d hesitate to aim such vitroilic attacks on people who have simply failed to exercise properly or overeat, no they must have a gland problem, well I have a gland problem too…so can it, cause if I don’t smoke, there’ll be secondary bullets coming you’re way.


    31. Oh, look at me blush 🙂 But I must give due credit to that last little comment ‘there’ll be secondary bullets coming your way’…that ditty is courtesy of late American comedian Bill Hicks…my hero 😀


    32. Hmmm….smokers lungs on the left, non-smokers on the right. What’s wrong with this picture? They’re *both* dead! \o/


    33. Wow those are gross lungs… but I tell you now, who has the bigger heart eh?


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