Pelosi Is In Teh Hizouse



That’s be Nancy Pelosi in ur house.


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    Lolz! What about their thorium veins?

    Jeff C

    I LOL’d! Seriously, good to know that a little more than half of the country isn’t a bunch of idiots this time around.


    I LOL’d, but she has stated that impeachment is off the table.


    Yeah- that’s a bummer, but it will be made up for by the “Where’s the Money” hearings into Haliburton and Bechtel. And truth be told, I would rather just get the money back, call it a bad day, and move on.

    tiki god

    She stated that impeachment is off the table? Kinda like how bush said that rummy would always forever never leave his side, cause they’re like best buds? hehe


    Impeachment happens whether or not Pelosi wants it to or not. If they uncover any high crimes or misdemeanors, charges will invoke the articles of impeachment. Period.


    Yeah, impeachment will go back on the table pretty quickly if Bush does anything else worthy of impeachment. Or if something else he has already done gets “leaked.” At least now he’s got to worry about impeachment before he strips our civil liberties.


    I disagree. As an example, if a crime is committed, a prosecutor is not obligated to offer a charge and the court cannot force him to. In the same way, regardless of activity, should the indicting (impeaching) body (the house) choose not to “press charges” there is no other mechanism to cause the process to begin. If Pelosi lied about that, or cannot control her party, then the dems are as out as the reps and all hell will break loose. She can’t allow that to happen for the sake of the country and the continued existance of her own party.


    Actually, a Boing Boing post once linked to instructions on initiating the impeachment process as a concerned citizen:


    you all are fools. with few exceptions, republicans and democrats are interchangeable now. the only thing that spoils this site is the sanguine idiocy when it comes to politics.

    me, yo

    yea there’s not gonna be an impeachment. dems and repubs are the same. we’re fucked. deal.


    “I LOL’d, but she has stated that impeachment is off the table.”

    Yeah, off the table and onto the front burner, I hope.

    Dr. Joe

    You go girl!!!


    Well hopefully! (impeaching ur doodz)

    Ron Jeremy

    Power hungry hag.


    I cant believe there are so many KNUCKLEHEADS out there who fall for the nonsense of this Baltimore mafia princess turned 21st century Neville Chamberlain. There is not a dimes bit of difference between the 2 parties in this country – THEY BOTH SUCK!


    ^^^^ And I thought I was the only one who wasn’t a Democratic Fan-girl

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